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Roxtec seals protect the sole BSL-4 laboratory in Switzerland

  • 新闻稿


Laboratory Spiez in Switzerland wanted contemporary solutions that would set new standards for professional sealing of a biosafety laboratory with BSL-4 classification. They selected Roxtec cable and pipe entry seals to ensure air-, gas- and water-tightness, and to cover the very high demands.  

The biocontainment lab enables safe handling and primary diagnostics of highly contagious human pathogens of hazard categories 3 and 4. Other important fields are analysis of suspect samples of unknown content, training of experts for hazard category 4 and research and development projects for new test methods for known and unknown pathogens as well as for the development of new vaccines.

Setting new standards 

Such sensitive operations require extremely high quality in tightness. In addition to this, Laboratory Spiez wanted solutions that would set new standards for professional sealing of a BSL-4 laboratory. The realization of a special solution did not represent any problem for Roxtec. The seals are now used in walls, floors and ceilings in the lab to guarantee tightness around entering cables and pipes.  

Efficient sealing solutions 

Other things that convinced Laboratory Spiez to use Roxtec seals were the ease of installation, the complete documentation and the existing certificates. Their engineers also appreciate the technical performance and the possibility to cover many applications with very few seals and components.