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Roxtec presents unique transit management system

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Leading sealing solution provider Roxtec has developed an innovative online tool in order to simplify systemized safety control of cable and pipe transits. The new Roxtec Transit Registry helps owners in marine and offshore industries monitor the transit installation quality and ensure the safety level throughout the lifecycle of their assets.

Roxtec sealing experts have conducted transit inspections around the world for years, and they repeat their important message to owners and builders of marine and offshore units: “Cable and pipe seals are vital for the passive fire protection and as important as fire doors. If they are not correctly installed on new-builds or during retrofit, your assets are at risk.”

Having seen too many poorly installed cable and pipe penetration seals over the years, Roxtec wants to increase awareness about transit safety and secure installation quality.

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The Roxtec Transit Registry can help owners, contractors and even classification societies verify the transit installation quality and ensure a high safety level, from the initial installations to the latest upgrades. The transit management system includes an up-to-date transit log and related documents such as drawings and certificates.

The Roxtec Transit Registry is part of Roxtec transit safety services and responds to the increasing digitalization and the urgent need to take control of the transit safety status onboard to protect life and assets. 

For more information visit Roxtec Transit Registry™

Press release in pdf format: Press release_Roxtec Transit Registry.pdf

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The new Roxtec Transit Registry provides updated information including a transit log and related documents for each cable and pipe transit onboard the marine or offshore asset.




Roger Johansson

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