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  3. Roxtec SFHM EMC 穿隔系统

Roxtec SFHM EMC 穿隔系统


带有用于栓接的金属框架和法兰的 EMC 穿隔系统。

Roxtec SFHM EMC(含垫片)是一种确保电磁兼容性的电缆和管道穿隔系统。The transit frame is available in different materials and in a single or various combinations of openings.The frame with flange is produced in 10mm thick metal, has a sealing strip and is bolted to the structure.There is a choice between Roxtec ES modules for electromagnetic shielding and PE modules that protect against conducted disturbances.The modules adapt to cables and pipes of different sizes and can be used to build in spare capacity in the seal.

  • 耐火
  • 水密
  • 防尘
  • 防啮齿动物
  • 易于维护和检查
Roxtec SFHM EMC 穿隔系统




  • A 级
  • H 级


  • 水: 4 bar(洪灾)